Home Instructions


1. Avoid extreme temperatures (Hot/Cold), carbonated beverages, sour or spicy foods and drinks for two weeks following your bone graft procedure.

2. Stay away from popcorn, chips, raw vegetables or any other types of food that could get stuck in the surgical site. All other foods can be consumed based on your comfort level.

3. If sutures were placed today, be careful not to dislodge them. After the healing has begun, you might notice them becoming loose. This means that the swelling is starting to subside. So not pick or pull at the sutures. Even though they are loose they are providing valuable support to the healing tissues.

4. Take the pain medications as prescribed. Alternate Tylenol and Motrin every 2-3 hours to help alleviate discomfort.

5. MOST IMPORTANT: do not create suction in your mouth for two weeks after the procedure. Things to avoid include: drinking from a straw, smoking, spitting and sucking on candies.

6. Rinse with luke-warm diluted salt water after food consumption starting 48 hours after your bone graft was placed. DO NOT vigorously swish with the water. Instead allow the water to roll around in your mouth then simply let it fall out. Do this for two weeks following the bone graft procedure. You cannot do this too often, only to vigorously! Doing this will help keep the area clean and sooth the tissues allowing for more rapid healing.

7. You may notice small pieces of sand like material in your mouth over the healing phase. This is acceptable only if it is a very small amount and not happening on a regular basis. If you notice a large amount of this sand like material, please call us. We will need to check the surgical site to insure the bone grafting material is secure.

8. Please call our office if you have any further questions or concerns about the procedure.