First Visit


You will be greeted with a smile and a hand shake at the door by our Care Coordinator who will welcome you to our practice. She will offer you a bottle of water, show you our massage chair to help you relax before each appointment, and introduce you to our business team.

We accept all insurances so any needed information will be gathered so we can begin to assist you in processing your claims as necessary.

There is no cookie cutter dentistry done at Legends Dental. Every new patient is evaluated and viewed as an individual. There is no need to be apprehensive or embarrassed about the current condition of your mouth. You can expect there to be no surprises in our approach to your treatment and financial arrangements.

Your initial comprehensive appointment will begin in our consultation room. Our Care Coordinator will collect all Health and Dental History. Anything you feel will help us provide excellent care of you is important. The more information you provide about past experiences, dental expectations, anxiety levels, or simply fear of the unknown is significant in providing a suitable level of care customized to your needs.

Often we are asked by our new patients if they will get a cleaning at their first visit. We don’t do this because we first need to determine your periodontal needs and the type of cleaning appropriate for you. Your comprehensive exam will include x-rays, Intra-oral photographs of the existing condition of your mouth, oral cancer screening, tooth by tooth, periodontal (gum and bone health), muscle and joint, and smile evaluations.

Upon arriving to the operatory, you will take in the outdoor view through the floor to ceiling windows. Our operatories are bright and roomy, (no cramped operatory with equipment trapping you in here!) After collecting the appropriate images the Care Coordinator will give you a tour of your mouth. You will have the opportunity to see your mouth as we see it and ask any questions that may help you understand your existing conditions.

Following your first visit your Doctor will take time to study all the information gathered throughout the exam. You will be scheduled back for a consultation to review the condition of your mouth. As a team we will create a treatment plan to accomplish the needs for your individual situation as well as find a way to make the plan affordable for you and your family!